Our Guarantee


High Sierra is dedicated to giving you the very best value for your painting dollar. In all our years of business and hundreds of clients we have had 100% satisfaction and zero warranty related requests.

You can be sure High Sierra Painting is a reputable, trustworthy, and all round great company to work with. We provide this warranty to show you we’re willing to stand behind our work.


  • Claims may be made year round but only those before August 15th will be addressed the same calendar year. Requests after August 15th may be handled the next exterior season.
  • Property inspections will be conducted during the exterior season defined by HSP that year.


  • Provide a copy of the original signed contract
  • Contact within warranty period as SOON as defect is known
  • Show proof contract was paid in full
  • Make property available to Contractor and subcontractors to perform the work
  • Warranty requests only accepted from the homeowner(s). No renter can make a claim.


  • Prep failed area to level stated in contract
  • Repair peeling, chipping, blistering paint ONLY in the area of failure. (Paint sheen and color may not be an exact match due to fading.)
  • Repair failed painted area at no labor, overhead, or materials cost to customer.
  • Work will be completed during the exterior paint season as determined by A Quality Paint Job, but no later than September 30.